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The Man from Toronto

The Man from Toronto 2.2M Views

Action   Hollywood   Action   United States  

6.491 TMDB
01 Hour 54 Min 12 Sec

Teddy, a struggling fitness entrepreneur in Yorktown, Virginia, is fired from his job at a local gym. He decides not to tell his wife Lori, taking her to Onancock for her birthday. Leaving her at a spa, Teddy arrives at the wrong cabin, where a man named Coughlin is being held hostage. Mistaken for "the Man from Toronto", a mysterious assassin with a talent for brutal interrogation, the clueless Teddy manages to intimidate Coughlin into giving up a code. The cabin is raided by the FBI, who convince Teddy to pose as the Man from Toronto to help capture would-be Venezuelan dictator Colonel Marin. Much to Teddy's jealousy, an agent is assigned to accompany Lori and her friend Anne on a day of luxury in Washington, D.C., telling them the trip has been provided by Teddy's job. As Toronto, Teddy meets Marin's wife Daniela, who flies him to San Juan, Puerto Rico with orders to identify Green, Coughlin's partner, and bring him to the Colonel in D.C.

Cast & Crew :  Woody Harrelson, Kevin Hart, Kaley Cuoco


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